Welcome to Springdale Maritime Academy

Springdale Maritime Academy has served the Merchant Navy Industry for over 10 years developing excellent links and understanding of the maritime industry. We aim to develop our  cadets to serve the 21 st century’s maritime industry, nationally and internationally, with an emphasis on developing skills and understanding of the modern maritime requirements.

The academy is equipped with the state of the art training facilities to provide the students with the best of training available in the maritime education sector. In order to ensure our cadets are competent, skilled and have the knowledge to be world class officers, our supportive and approachable staff focus on practical knowledge and its application.

Keen to develop the ‘Most Competent Seafarers of tomorrow’, Springdale Maritime Academy offers a number of maritime courses with UK Universities and government certifications such as the Deck Cadet training Programme which is a franchise programme of Liverpool John Moores University specially designed for SAMET students and approved by the Maritime Coastguard Agency ( MCA UK).

Leading the way in Merchant Navy:


Springdale Maritime Academy (SAMET), a franchise of Liverpool John Moores University- United Kingdom participates in International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU)

All foreign certifications and Maritime & Coastguard Agency of the United Kingdom (MCA UK) approved Institutes go through rigorous independent audits and reviews to ensure that they meet the set standards. Our audit and reviews over the years have always far exceeded the criteria, been commended for the quality enhancement of student learning and training opportunities and been praised for the areas of best practice.

What made Springdale Maritime Academy achieve the above certification are laid down as follows:

  • Always meeting the expectation of students
  • Having a track record of 100% placement
  • Continuous development of the programme
  • Continuous training and development of teaching faculty
  • Lecturers are approved by UK University (LJMU)
  • Always take note and act on student feedback
  • Identification and enhancement of individual student opportunities
  • Always takes steps in strengthening collaborative partnership
  • Always improving partnership with industry

This ground breaking achievement means, that as a future student, you can have total confidence on SAMET delivering an exceptional learning experience with the most fast track educational programme, and ranked amongst the very best in India and the World.

Why Study at SAMET?

 A Global Institute:

SAMET is a global institute, welcoming students and staff from all over the world and working in collaboration with businesses, professional bodies and education institutions from all over the world.

We offer students and staff exciting opportunities to work, get trained and study overseas, encouraging them to embrace international employment opportunities. Our global tie-ups in maritime industry has created huge success for our students to work beyond the national boundaries and cultural traditions.

SAMET has excellent connection with Maritime industry bodies, partners, employers and academic institutions. Such interaction result in exclusive seminars and sessions with personnel of high stature in the industry, during the study at SAMET.

Excellent Facilities:

The SAMET campus located in Bhubaneswar, which is the growing smart city of India, is equipped with high quality fully air conditioned class rooms, lecture theatre, library, restaurant and café. The campus features state of the art simulators and research area.

World Class Learning Resources:

SAMET has a 24-hour Library facility which is a hub for all the study materials. The library has all the books that a student requires to complete the study and respective course work. The library is continually being equipped with new books and resources throughout. You are welcome to come to library at any time for a quiet study session.

All our classes are fitted with the latest learning aids like smart boards and projectors to make the student learning experience more comprehensive and interactive.

Employment opportunities :

SAMET has an outstanding employability record. All our cadets are placed in the second year of their studies. Our past alumni are working with world class ship companies progressing from the rank ras a deck cadet to captain or from a junior marine engineer to a chief engineer level. Some of the alumni are working ashore in the maritime industry as maritime lecturer or in business development.

Our People



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