International Maritime Award Ceremony (Lowestoft College) – 2009

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Celebration of Maritime Student Achievement awards 2009, for Officer of the Watch and Chief Mate (September 2008 cohort), a joint success shared between the awarded students, Lowestoft College and their recruitment consultant Springdale Educare.

Lowestoft College’s Celebration of Maritime Student Achievement is an awards ceremony to pay tribute to some remarkable students. This ceremony is first established in 2009 and is a way of recognising the hard work, commitment and abilities of students at the college and to become a brand ambassador in the Maritime Industry. Tutors from across the college nominate students they think deserve recognition. About 50+ students (future Officer of the Watch and Chief Mates) attended the ceremony on Tuesday, 7th July 2009, which was open by Maritime course leader Captain Bill Howarth and addressed by Vice-Principal Teresa Miller. The awards were presented by Yvonne Mason, co-founder of Fender-Care and founder of The Mason Trust, an organisation designed to encourage young people to consider maritime and energy sectors as a career route.

On this occasion Vikas Patra, the Maritime Manager of Lowestoft College said – ‘These courses have been running at the college for a number of years now but have recently seen a growth in the numbers on the courses. The ceremony will be a chance to celebrate the students’ achievements and formally mark the end of the course’.

In the past Springdale Educare has sent over 500+ students to the Lowestoft College, United Kingdom for various courses, and their award has lead to employment opportunities in many areas of the industry and in certain cases are a stepping stone to further study.

Principal’s warm welcome

Dear All,

May I offer all the seafarers and to be seafarers a very warm welcome from Springdale Academy of Maritime Education and Training (SAMET), also branded as ‘Springdale Maritime Academy’.

Springdale Maritime Academy is the first maritime institute of its kind in India which is set up to provide maritime training for the mercantile seafarers in direct association with some of the very well known and prestigious maritime colleges/universities in the United Kingdom.

We started in March 2009 with a 6 week preparatory OOW Course throughout the year to assist direct entry deck cadets and ratings to gain knowledge and practice in chart-work, passage planning, bridge watch-keeping procedures, practical navigation and tides (a face to face for the first time) so that when they arrive in the maritime college/ university in the United Kingdom, they would be confident to handle the syllabus and appear in the SQA navigational papers which are a big hurdle for many in their efforts to gain an MCA license.

The feedback we have received from the passing out batches have been very rewarding and the passing out students have expressed their feeling of having immensely benefited from the course. Some have mentioned that their confidence level has highly improved to pursue their maritime course and career further in the United Kingdom.

We are starting a EOOW Course (6 week preparatory) in September 2009, where graduate engineers (mechanical, electrical and electronic) will do a conversion course to become marine engineers enabling them to confidently appear for their MCA license for EOOW.

Springdale Maritime Academy is committed to providing its students with a friendly and supportive study environment with a faculty of Master Mariners to achieve a high standard of teaching based on the experience at a comparatively low cost of living in the city.

I would like you to look at this blog space or visit our official website for further information about our new marine courses commencing towards the end of this year 2009, which will further enable youngsters (after their completion of 10+2 (PCM) level of studies to make seafaring a worthwhile career as well as a financially rewarding one.

Best wishes,

Captain Mritujay Mahapatra